Post 1: We're Really Doing This!

Check it out! Melody might have stayed behind, but she did an awesome job on this blog she made for us, didn’t she?

We weren’t really sure what we should write about since no one believes in elves, and some of us were kind of worried it might freak them out if humans knew they weren’t alone. Melody and Melanie said not to worry about it though. They’ve done tons of research and they found a gazillion websites and blogs and social media sites where humans pretend they’re vampires, characters from books, werewolves, or whatever. They figure that humans who accidentally come across this site will just think we’re doing the same thing. The Ancient One agreed. So here were are…and now we’re officially bloggers!

Mel thought that it might be a good idea to start by telling you more about what it’s like to be part elf, so here goes: It’s still hard for me to believe. Sometimes I stare in the mirror for a long time, trying to see which parts of me are human and which parts of me are elfin. It’s kind of weird actually, but in a good way. At least now I know why I never fit it with anyone else. Well, almost no one else. The other Hunters are a lot like me and it’s so great to have friends even if Trey and Devin still don’t get along that well.

It’s even better knowing that I’m not completely crazy when I talk to plants and they talk back! Some secrets, like thinking you might be insane, just aren’t fun to keep.

Okay, I know this post is short but I’ve got to go–we just heard a rumor about the possibility of another whelfyn and we need to get on the trail before it goes cold.

Oh wait! Before I go, I want to introduce you to someone. Remember how the blackberry bush talked me into taking him with us after we went on the first Hunt? Well, it took forever for him to choose a name he liked, but he finally did! I’ll tell you about it more in another post…but until then, meet BARRY--or at least some of Barry's berries, which he says are, "Delicious, so delicious!"

And he's right, of course!

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