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 Please enjoy the freebies below! Want to reproduce them? Please drop me a line and let's chat!

THE GLARE.  Remember the list of Good Stuff that Jenna and Laney kept on their fridge? Now you can see exactly what was on it! Want to start your own list of good stuff? Click here for a blank copy. And while we're talking about lists, you'll want to see the list Jenna started when she realized she could take whatever she wanted from any store! And don't forget to download these discussion questions for The Glare, too.

THE GLARE CONTINUES. Have you ever wondered how authors decided what to trim from their stories during the revision and editing process? Here's a cut scene from the second book in The Glare series. 

THE EVOLUTION OF THE COVER FOR THE GLARE.  When you're a new writer, there's a lot to learn. Check out The Evolution of a Cover to get a behind the scenes look at the work that goes into a book's cover...there are a few tidbits of info thrown into the doc for fun, too! 

BY THE OATH. Curious about some of the idioms and expressions found in the colony? You definitely want to read this freebie, just BEEcause!  And then you'll want to read some of the sayings common in Healer Village, too! And because two freebies just doesn't seem like enough, check out Frankie Hewett's journal from Year 14  You might remember her from The Glare Ends. The surviving bits of her journal became a staple of Healer Village's library. 

MY VIRTUAL LIFE. Check out the different floor models of the Virtual Office. And don't forget to read about how the Virtual  Office has changed life in the U.S.

REGRETS. Dying to know more about magic? Then you'll want to read this. But remember, mum's the word...there's no such thing as magic, after all!

THE NEWSLETTER OF THE APOCALYPSE. Looking for past issues of my Newsletter of the Apocalypse? You've come to the right place! I upload past issues a couple times a year, so be sure to check back here often! Please note that Issue 1 is only available by signing up for the newsletter...and you can do that by going to the home page of this website

  • July 2019 - Issue 2

  • October 2019 - Issue 3

  • January 2020 - Issue 4 COMING SOON

  • February 2020 - Issue 5 COMING SOON

  • March 2020 - Issue 6 COMING SOON

  • April 2020 - Issue 7 COMING SOON

  • May 2020  - Issue 8 COMING SOON

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