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The Glare Series

3-Book e-book Bundle


Now, for the first time, The Glare Series is available as a money-saving 3-book bundle! Read the entire series now!

The Glare

Book 1 in The Glare series


Jenna is getting by - even though she's just thirteen, homeless, and alone. When a strange, bright light appears in the sky, blinding nearly everyone, life on Earth is forever changed. 

Jenna must make her way in the new, apocalyptic world where the key to survival may be just beyond her reach if she can't find the courage to trust again. 

The Glare Continues

Book 2 in The Glare series

Laney is alive, but just barely. When the apocalypse strikes, she escapes the men who are keeping her captive, but the tortured nightmares and hallucinations triggered by their abuse are harder to escape. She’s driven to find and protect her sister, but if Laney’s going to survive herself, she must face something even more terrifying than the apocalypse--her own broken soul.

The Glare Ends

Book 3 in The Glare series


Jenna is fiercely protective of the people she rescues when the apocalypse strikes. She's determined to keep them safe because she knows how dangerous the world—and other people—can be. But there's more to survival than finding enough food and being self-reliant; and Jenna still has a lot to learn about life and love.

Since the Glare: Susan's Journal

Companion book to The Glare series


After rescuing Susan and the others when the apocalypse strikes, Jenna is worried about keeping everyone alive and nothing more. But life is very different for those who are blind in the glare and who rely on Jenna for protection.


Susan's journal begins shortly before the glare strikes and follows the entire series. Her entries shed light on so many things Jenna is unaware of in her quest to protect her new family.

Before the Glare

Companion book to The Glare series


What happens to the people Jenna doesn’t rescue after the glare blinds nearly everyone and causes the apocalypse? What are the first few days and weeks like for others who are fortunate enough to see in the glare? Don’t miss this behind-the-scenes look at the people you know from The Glare Series—because everyone has a story to tell!

By the Oath ebook.jpg
By the Oath

Companion book to The Glare series and standalone Sci-Fi


Healers take an Oath to save lives. And they live by that Oath. Until they don’t.

Lista has studied to be a healer for years, but she still has so much to learn.

Earth has changed radically since the Old Times, and there’s no such thing as modern medicine. People aren’t at the top of the food chain anymore, either. Maulings, bites wounds, even attacks by predatory plants are the norm. Never mind forest pox and sand sickness.

No wonder Lista’s worried when she’s asked to travel to a nearby village to treat a sick woman. But maybe the woman isn’t really that ill. And maybe no one else will get sick or injured while she’s there. As for love, well, that’s the last thing on Lista’s mind. Because all she wants to do is treat the woman and get back home…without accidentally killing someone. But nothing in Lista's world is ever that simple...

The Secret Lives of Healers ebook.jpg
The Secret Lives of Healers

Companion book to The Glare series and By the Oath


Being a healer is a life-long commitment. But healers have personal lives, too.

From the status-hungry villagers that Reegan has to deal with to Yeeva’s life as a glare-blind healer, this collection of short stories immerses you in the fascinating and dangerous world of By the Oath.

Don’t miss these exciting stories about all your favorite Healers!

Astringer35_Ebook JPF tales from the apo
Tales from the Apocalypse

Collection of Short Apocalyptic Stories


Will you survive the end of world? Because you never know what the apocalypse will bring. It might be zombie sharks, killer wheat, or a plant that takes over the world.

If you're into the apocalypse, you'll want to pick up this collection of short stories today!

Blood of an Elf: Quinn's Story

Middle Grade

It isn’t easy being different. Quinn doesn’t fit in anywhere and she doesn’t have any friends except for the plants—Quinn talks to them and they talk back.

When Quinn meets Devin Sitka, she thinks she’s finally made a friend until she learns that Devin and his family have been searching for her for years. And they seem to know all about her gift…

My Virtual Life

​​Young/New Adult


Young, smart, and ambitious, Andie Duke is lucky to be chosen as the spokesperson for the Virtual Office, the world's most advanced virtual reality system. Or is she? Because being the VO girl is a lot more complicated than she thought it would be, especially when an old enemy resurfaces and Andie finds herself falling for her new coworker, Ben.


​​Women's Fiction


Liz is a witch, but her magic is pretty pathetic. And she can't control it anyway. When she’s reunited with an old flame, Liz swears she won’t cheat on her husband despite their unhappy marriage and the regrets that haunt her. But when her magic flares, it sends Liz to her own past where she finds herself in her eighteen-year-old body again. The "do over" give Liz the chance to undo all the choices she’s regretted, but living a life of no regrets may not be as easy as it sounds.

365 kindness ebook.jpg
A Year of Guided Gratitude



After being "called out" about her negative attitude by two friends, author Anissa Stringer realized she needed to make a change. Keeping a gratitude journal helped her develop a more positive, appreciative attitude, but she often found herself writing the same things over and over. That's where this book of prompts comes in. Inside, you'll find hundreds of specific prompts that will help you uncover the things you're grateful for. So grab your favorite journal and start writing!

365 Act of Kindness



The world is a scary place, and sometimes it can feel like no one cares. That’s why kindness matters. It matters a lot. One act of kindness can change someone’s day—it can even change their life. And with 365 Acts of Kindness, YOU have the power to be an agent of change and make the world a better place! Inside these pages you’ll find:

• Stories of real-life acts of kindness to inspire you and warm your heart
• 365 kind acts to help you spread joy in the world
• Tips on starting your very own kindness club, and more

Scrapbooking Games and More



Whether you're hosting a crop party for a few friends or a scrapbooking event for hundreds, this book is a must-have collection of scrapbooking games!

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